70 % of the earth’s surface is covered by water, but in the seas hundreds of thousands of pieces of plastic waste float on every square kilometre. This has deadly consequences for the animals of the seas: fish die because they mistake plankton for tiny plastic particles, seabirds die in agony from mobile phone parts in their stomachs and turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. This has to be stopped!


Every minute, a rubbish truck full of plastic enters the oceans. With disastrous consequences for nature, humans and wildlife. That's why we need to tackle the problem at the source and prevent plastic from entering our oceans. That's why we are supporting the collection of Ocean Plastic: Ethical plastic collection points will be set up within 50 kilometres of oceans and waterways. In addition, plastic waste is collected directly from beaches and surrounding households. This becomes a kind of currency or an additional source of income and thus offers people a way out of poverty.

Together for a better world.


After years of complex production processes, we have succeeded in extracting reliable raw materials from plastic waste which meet all quality requirements. We use the following materials:

…is a recycled plastic of the polyester family which is mainly derived from beverage bottles. To ensure safety also for the end consumer, there are special requirements for recycled PET which later comes into contact with food. We have met these requirements successfully, so that we can now offer food-safe products made of rPET, which are also suitable for dishwashers and microwaves.

…is a thermoplastic, recycled plastic made from petroleum. Because it does not contain plasticisers, it is considered less harmful to health than other plastics. It is made from disposed packaging, such as foil, bottle caps and straws, and is suitable for plastic products that can be kept for long periods, such as a shopping basket.

Strike out in a new direction and decide for environmentally friendly alternatives for your products.

With recycled materials you show responsibility!


In nature, everything revolves. There is no waste, but an eternal change of becoming and passing away.

Humans, on the other hand, break the natural cycle by producing things that cannot simply be reused. This creates unnecessarily large mountains of waste, whereby the decisive advantage of plastic, its longevity and robustness, becomes a problem. A PET bottle, for example, takes hundreds of years to decompose.

This is exactly where AWAVE® comes in, manufacturing products from recycled or bio-based plastics that can themselves be recycled again. In this way, a cycle is created that is exemplified by Mother Nature.

With respect for the environment.


Companies that prioritise environmental protection are increasingly preferred by consumers while having an impact on global markets. Consumers are demanding brands with purpose!

This is why PlasticBank is our partner of choice as they drive change for our industry, consumers and the planet.

By recycling plastic material from the ocean and reintroducing it into the global supply chain, environmental, social and economic effects are created for the benefit of all.

Become part of this solution!